The current K-12 education system is outdated globally; it does not prepare children for the digital era, and it lacks automation that eliminates paperwork, enabling teachers to spend less time on routine tasks and more time with their learners. Schools are struggling to merge education with technology, and it’s challenging to maintain learners’ interest and attention for long enough to teach stem subjects and new topics effectively. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on schools due to a lack of effective K-12 ed-tech solutions and the internet. Solutions:The K-12Plus App is an offline-first app and syncs properly on a 0.5 Mbps connection. It employs teacher bots and virtual and augmented reality “mixed technologies” to deliver universal K-12 education offline. The app revolutionizes the K-12 education system with high-tech technologies to aid pedagogical and administrative processes, thus transforming schools into “SMART” schools and enabling schools to achieve their goals more efficiently.