KaCyber Technologies Processes 10 Million Travel Bookings

Globally, ICT has revolutionized the way production, market access, and distribution of goods and services are organized – thus contributing to all aspects of life, including transportation, health, economic, political, social, security, and culture among others.

As at the time of this press release, KaCyber Technologies of Kampala, Uganda is thrilled to announce hitting a milestone of 10 million travel Bookings on trains and buses, valued at UGX 194 Billion / 54 Millions USD.

The 10 million travel bookings come a month after KaCyber Technologies closed its partnership with Vignetic Corp. of New Brunswick, New Jersey and entered the FAST Startup Accelerator, an initiative of Flapmax in partnership with Microsoft.

Reaching 10 million travel bookings is a herculean landmark. Since 2019, KaCyber has piloted its award-winning digital ticketing systems on 12 transporters and is contracted by 4 operators (including Uganda Railways Corporation, Star Link Transporters, Highway Coaches and Malayika Coaches) to provide ticket booking systems. “We can thank all our partner transport operators across Africa for embracing our e-ticketing system,” comments IO, CEO of KaCyber Technologies.

While KaCyber is currently physically operating in Uganda and Senegal and making giant strides in both markets, KaCyber CEO, Innocent Orikiiriza, also known as IO, said the Company will continue to scale its digital solutions, engage in various strategic interventions that are focused on market scaling and growth to unlock greater potential and possibilities to scale rapidly sustainably its business across Africa.

Read more about this partnership via https://www.kacyber.io/blog/