Snark Health

We Help People Partner With Their Doctor To Create Health And Earn Money. Current spending on health care is not sustainable. Global spending on health care is expected to reach USD $8.5 trillion by 2020, up from USD $7 trillion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $18 trillion worldwide by 2040. Despite this increase in spending, many countries will still not be able to achieve quality patient outcomes. The World Health Organization concluded that 20-40% of health care spending globally is wasted. Snark Health is an alternative care delivery model built around the doctor-patient relationship and enables patients to get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. 



We are an AgriceCommerce platform that bring farm produce and experience (using data) to the doorstep and fingertips of every consumer. 
Our Vision is to build a new economy for Africa farmers by recreating what commerce is to them. 
We do this by bringing the best quality farm produce from the farm to consumers while still being able to relate our clients to the process and location of what they consume this value proposition help widen up the market for the farmers. 
We are focused on building technology to create a ready-made market for every farmer irrespective of their geography because we know this will help them produce more and make the agricultural space more lucrative, and less risky to venture into. 
Our value proposition to solving the problem of distribution also enables us to connect farmers to market beyond their immediate environment, easily through our online marketplace.


LegitCar is a digital service that helps users buy the right vehicles, and provides on-demand maintenance and repairs for these vehicles, increasing their resale value by up to 30%. Throughout this journey, we collect and continually present to users, data that helps them make informed car buying, car maintenance, and car resale decisions. 
This service is important because the lack of vehicle history data for locally-used vehicles is a huge problem in Nigeria and Africa. This problem affects vehicle purchase decisions, efficient law enforcement, vehicle insurance decisions, and a lot of other situations that require vehicle verification. 


Lynkwise’s platform is used by Banks, insurers and Tech companies to do collections via direct payroll integration. Any financial institution, any payroll, any employee.   We are currently being used by the largest banks and insurance companies in Africa and are changing the way Africans use financial services.  Our Payroll Deduction Management Platform has a three-sided benefit: Employees: – Gain Access to a wider range of regulated financial services.  – Real time access to earned wages.   Employers:  – Manage ALL third-party payroll deductions from a single, live, cloud-based platform with 100% accuracy.  – Sync your third-party deductions on demand via file share or direct API integration.  Financial Institutions:  – Manage collections via direct payroll access. No more bad debts.  – Connect using our API to ensure data is always accurate and up to date. 

Tumaini La Maisha

Over 80% of the 400,000 children who develop cancer each year live in low-income and middle-income countries. Due to a complex range of poverty related limitations, markedly different levels of access to quality care and rates of treatment abandonment are seen). As a result, more than 75% of these children will die of their disease. Most of these deaths are preventable. 
TLM has created 2 powerful medical devices to modify these entirely unacceptable LMICs Childhood cancer outcomes dramatically, with the potential of saving countless young lives. Our programmeCleverCancerCare’ Applications consisting of 2 synergistic web-based applications: CleverCharts and CleverChemo:CleverCancerCare is unique and has the potential to help save the lives of 100,000s of children diagnosed with cancer in LMICs worldwide. It will ensure strict adherence to treatment protocols and minimize human errors in chemotherapy scheduling, calculations, and other protocol directed decisions.

KaCyber Technologies

We help transport operators build robust digital ticketing and payment systems that generate more revenue while decreasing their operational costs. 
The digital solution serves mainly two market segments; the public transport operators and their customers (passengers). It allows transport operators of buses, trains, and ferries to issue digital tickets, generate more revenue while reducing their operational costs; and further empowers the people that use transport services to book tickets in a simplified, safer and more convenient way. Although KaCyber’s digital solution currently supports buses, trains, and ferries; it can be scaled out to other modes of transport such as Boda Boda, taxi, ride-hailing services.To evaluate the impact of global climate change, KaCyber develops also solutions based on IoT to monitor the CO2 level, Air Quality, Wind Speed and Direction, Rain… All available in realtime with KaCyber global IoT platform.