Snark Health

We Help People Partner With Their Doctor To Create Health And Earn Money. Current spending on health care is not sustainable. Global spending on health care is expected to reach …

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We are an AgriceCommerce platform that bring farm produce and experience (using data) to the doorstep and fingertips of every consumer. Our Vision is to build a new economy for Africa …

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LegitCar is a digital service that helps users buy the right vehicles, and provides on-demand maintenance and repairs for these vehicles, increasing their resale value by up to 30%. Throughout …

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Lynkwise’s platform is used by Banks, insurers and Tech companies to do collections via direct payroll integration. Any financial institution, any payroll, any employee.   We are currently being used by …

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Tumaini La Maisha

Over 80% of the 400,000 children who develop cancer each year live in low-income and middle-income countries. Due to a complex range of poverty related limitations, markedly different levels of …

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KaCyber Technologies

We help transport operators build robust digital ticketing and payment systems that generate more revenue while decreasing their operational costs. The digital solution serves mainly two market segments; the public transport …

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FAST Accelerator – Scaling Africa’s digital ecosystem