Snark Health

 Partner with your doctor. Leverage your data. Pay less.


Company Bio

We Help People Partner With Their Doctor To Create Health And Earn Money. Current spending on health care is not sustainable. Global spending on health care is expected to reach USD $8.5 trillion by 2020, up from USD $7 trillion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $18 trillion worldwide by 2040. Despite this increase in spending, many countries will still not be able to achieve quality patient outcomes. The World Health Organization concluded that 20-40% of health care spending globally is wasted. Snark Health is an alternative care delivery model built around the doctor-patient relationship and enables patients to get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. 


Decent Work and Economic Growth ​

Founded: 2019-10-04 

Team Size: 4

Location: Kenya





Edwin Lubanga