Building Africa’s biggest vehicle data service


Company Bio

LegitCar is a digital service that helps users buy the right vehicles, provides on-demand maintenance and repairs for these vehicles, increasing their resale value by up to 30%. Throughout this journey, we collect and continually present to users, data that helps them make informed car buying, car maintenance, and car resale decisions. We are building Africa’s biggest vehicle data service.  

We have already piloted the vehicle verification service and acquired over 6,000 organic users, and helped car buyers verify car purchase transactions worth $13 million. 

Our vision is to provide these services for companies all over the continent, with a big portion of our focus being on small to medium scale businesses, however, our software is also designed to help large corporations who want to be nimbler with managing HR and admin tasks. 


With the permission of the employers, we connect these employees to various financial services such as payday loans, savings and investments, rent support thus making life simple for both employer and employee. 


Sustainable Cities and Communities ​

Founded: 2018-07-18 

Team Size: 3

Location: Nigeria



Vincent Okeke