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KaCyber is building an open technology infrastructure that would enable transport and logistic businesses/operators of all sizes to transition from manual and analogue operations to a digital system that is guaranteed to deliver revenue growth and increased productivity to their businesses. 

The African continent is experiencing one of the highest rates of urbanization globally. This urbanization is driven by a number of economic factors, chief among them being young people commuting for work in urban centers and goods deliveries of all kinds being made faster and easier to track.  

At KaCyber, we believe technology has a critical role to play in modernizing Africa’s logistics infrastructure. KaCyber provides robust digital ticketing and payments systems that help transport and logistic businesses/operators to generate more revenue while decreasing their operational costs. KaCyber’s digital ticketing and payment systems offer a frictionless and interconnected multimodal experience that helps commuters to simply reserve their travel tickets on the bus, train or ferry, as well as handle on-demand delivery of goods to SMEs. KaCyber’s digital solutions are scalable to support other modes of transport like Boda Boda, taxis, and private car rentals. The digital solutions employ an end-to-end deployment whereby the operators can seamlessly monitor passengers who book their travel tickets anywhere at any time.  



KaCyber Technologies Processes 10 Million Travel Bookings

Globally, ICT has revolutionized the way production, market access, and distribution of goods and services are organized – thus contributing to all aspects of life,

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