eCommerce platform, digitizing Africa’s agriculture market


Company Bio

We are an AgriceCommerce platform that bring farm produce and experience (using data) to the doorstep and fingertips of every consumer. 
Our Vision is to build a new economy for Africa farmers by recreating what commerce is to them. 
We do this by bringing the best quality farm produce from the farm to consumers while still being able to relate our clients to the process and location of what they consume this value proposition help widen up the market for the farmers. 
We are focused on building technology to create a ready-made market for every farmer irrespective of their geography because we know this will help them produce more and make the agricultural space more lucrative, and less risky to venture into. 
Our value proposition to solving the problem of distribution also enables us to connect farmers to market beyond their immediate environment, easily through our online marketplace. 


Decent Work and Economic Growth ​

Founded: 2019-07-15 

Team Size: 6

Location: Nigeria




Dayo Adeniran