DevOps Engineer (Docker, CI/CD) - Fast Accelerator

We are looking for a DevOps engineer to collaborate across the organization to create, implement, maintain and support automated code deployment pipelines for application and data delivery platforms that enable the company’s IT operations. LegitCar is a digital service that helps users buy the right vehicles, and provides on-demand maintenance and repairs for these vehicles, increasing their resale value by up to 30%.



  • Administer/upgrade/troubleshoot/maintain / configure mission-critical developer tools and associated plugins.
  • Build and implement new development tools.
  • Onboard applications and teams to the developer tools.
  • Work with application teams to document strategies, processes, and technologies that will be used for automating deployments on newly onboarded applications.
  • Collaborate effectively with multiple development teams to solve CICD pipelines across multiple environments.
  • Integrate and implement automation between developer tools through scripting and APIs.
  • Set up monitoring /logging and notifications for supported developer tools.
  • Work with SecOps to maintain credentials, and certificates and mitigate security vulnerabilities in supported tools.
  • Automate the deployment, administration, and operation of critical developer tools on cloud-native and data center architectures.
  • Design and build tools to report on deployment efficiency and gain visibility into production systems.
  • Initiate ongoing meetings with application developers and DevOps engineers to identify and understand the DevOps tool solutions available.
  • Establish and document strategies for automating manual deployments.
  • Support and work alongside a cross-functional engineering team on the latest technologies.
  • Support development teams.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
  • 2 + years experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role in a large corporation.